Infrastructure Of RKGM Institute Of Technology And Management


The Central library is located in a spacious hall with every amenity to foster reading habits among the students. Inordinate number of books, jounals, encyclopedias, other related reference materials and general magazines adorn the sheleves to extensively used by the students. Students have free access to all sort of reading material. The library can boast of World Wide data. Search through INternet and e-mail, VCP, Color TV, Audio Visual aids in different subjects nad reprographics facility available to this students.


R.K. Gupta Memorial Institute of Technology & Management Consists of clients/Server Architechure & High Speed Multi-Services enabled INTERNET ISDN Internet Connectivity and Converged Network with intergrated Voice, Video and Data.


This institute has rigorous teaching methods and greatly focused on achieving acdemic excellence. Class rooms lecture are supplemented by video films, specially got prepared by internationally renowned professor with vast teaching experience of IIT, Delhi. Tutorials on each and every aspect of a subject are conducted and each students is a intimated supervised and helped.
Guest faculty lecture are regularly arranged. Renowned academicians who are visting professor to serveral Universities a board, regularly delivery lecture to our students.
Senior professor of IIT have been retained as advisers who examined the coverage the comprehension and advised us regularly on teaching process.
We conduct group discussion, Seminars, case study, Projects and Assignment on Regular Basic.